Las Vegas Emergency Plumber

Sewer repairs, leaking pipes and water heaters are the main reason you need an emergency plumber in Las Vegas. You are like most homeowners in that your don’t know a trustworthy plumber in the Las Vegas – Clark County, Nevada area. To take the guess work out of who you hire, eliminate anyone that is not a licensed plumbing contractor in the State of Nevada.

Be Careful When Hiring an Emergency Plumber in Las Vegas

Plumbing is one of those area where you do not cut corners. Make sure your contractor complies with all Las Vegas and national building codes. They are there for your protection. If your structure is found out of compliance when you go to sell it you’ll have to bring it up to code before the transaction can take place. You licensed Las Vegas emergency plumber sees this all the time. It can cost you a lot to make required plumbing repairs.

Las Vegas Emergency Gas Line Repairs

Gas connector makers do not recommend reusing the used gas connectors when replacing a water heater. Natural gas leaks are one of the main causes of fires in residential structures. Explosions can result from inexperienced plumbers without a license.

You should be able to rely on a water heater for more than a decade Installed properly, they can provide your family or business may years of safe service. When you call our Las Vegas emergency plumber hotline at 702-924-2815, we will resound fast with crews that have state approved credentials and decades of experience.

Clogged Drains, Blocked Sewer Pipes

Sewage backing up into your commercial or residential structure at anytime, day or night, is a plumbing emergency. Call the trusted, licensed Las Vegas plumber your friends have used for decades.