Kitec Piping Las Vegas
Kitec Piping Las Vegas

Call a licensed plumber for all repiping jobs at 702-924-2815. if you have Kitec fittings in your water lines. Sooner or later, all Las Vegas homes will have to be re-piped by a professional plumber.

The bad news is that tens of thousands of Clark County homes have Kitec® brass fittings and must be repiped now even though they are just a few years old. There are class action law suites and some may take decades to settle. In the mean time, you are sitting on a ticking time bomb. They could start leaking or the connection could catastrophically fail at anytime.

Call the Kitec Repiping Plumber

If you have any questions about this pipe and you need to replace it now, call your Las Vegas Plumber. We will design a Kitec repiping plan unique to your situation to make needed repairs give you a written quote. We will provide you with the fastest service, causing the least inconvenience and a low price. We have done many repipe jobs and have references  provide you.

PVC, Copper or PEX

We will provide you with options of all the types of water line pipe available and the pluses or minuses of each. Our plumbers have the experience and the training to know all the pros and cons of each. Call now to get prices and time tables for repiping your Clark County, Las Vegas, Spring Valley home.