What Causes a Sewer Line to Back Up? Do You Know a Las Vegas Sewer Repair Plumber You Can Count On?

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Sewer lines can back up for a variety of reasons. Intentional backups can be caused by children putting toys in the toilet, vandals putting rocks or other objects in apartment cleanout access pipes, even women flushing feminine products.

Unintentional sewer blockages are caused by grease buildup from the kitchen, too much paper down the toilet, broken or sagging pipes, or root infiltration. The problem could be as simple as age, as well. Old pipes can corrode or sag, or even break. Whatever the cause, a sewer backup is never a pleasant occurrence for a homeowner to face. When these problems occur, call a sewer repair plumber in the Las Vegas area.

DIY Clearing Clogged Drains

The first reaction of most homeowners when they experience a clogged sewer line is to try to handle it themselves. The plunger standing ready is usually the first tool they reach for, but it won’t always do the job. Liquid or granulated drain cleaners don’t usually work on serious clogs, either, and the pipe snakes you buy at the hardware store will only reach so far down the drain. In most cases, you should call a Las Vegas sewer repair plumber.

Methods of Clearing a Blocked Sewer Line

Your Las Vegas sewer repair plumber will usually first examine the device that’s backed up—the toilet, the bathtub, or the kitchen sink. Then he will check anything else on the same line, like the washing machine, to determine in which direction the blockage might lie. By studying the situation, he can determine which line is the problem and then proceed with resolving it. He will usually use a sewer snake that is of the appropriate diameter and length to reach the clog. If that doesn’t work, he may use a hydro-jet to blast high-pressure water down the line to clear the blockage.

Emergency Plumber Response 24/7

Most reputable Las Vegas sewer repair plumbers offer emergency response service 24 hours a day, seven days a week—including holidays. When experiencing sewer backups or clogged drains, homeowners want to talk to a real person—not leave a message on a recording device—so it’s important that the plumbing service offers a staff to answer their telephone. After all, a backed up toilet in the middle of the night—or just before a long-planned house party—can be a traumatic experience. So sympathetic human voices are the only sound that a homeowner wants to hear when they call their local Las Vegas sewer repair plumber.

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