Leaking Water HeaterOur complete plumbing service includes repairing and installing water heaters. Las Vegas needs hot water as much as it needs air conditioning. You can’t compromise on the equipment and we provide the best from great manufacturers like Bradford – White, AO Smith, Rheem, Rinnai, American, State Industries and others.

Energy Efficient, Fast Recovery Water Heaters in Las Vegas

Choosing a Las Vegas water heater is not as simple as it once was. You must consider the total cost of providing your family or business with hot water. You must consider how much is needed at the peak demand. You may want one that is as energy efficient as possible.

There are tank and tankless Las Vegas water heaters to choose from. We can explain the benefits of each type of heater and the true cost of making hot water when you call.

Easy Solutions For Water Heater Repairs and Installation

Whether your residential or commercial property uses a gas or electric powered tank water heater, there are numerous problems that can arise that call for the services of a reliable professional plumbing service offering 24/7 response time.

There are numerous reasons why you should reach for the phone to call a reliable troubleshooter to deal with Las Vegas water heater repairs.  We get calls to our plumbing office everyday for problems like:

  • No hot water being produced
  • The volume of hot water being produced is inadequate for your home or office’s daily needs
  • There may be the odor of rotten eggs coming from their Las Vegas water heater
  • The water coming out of the hot water heater may be rust colored
  • The tank may be cracked, allowing water to leak around the bottom of the water heater unit.

If you are hearing a high-pitched whining sound, a low rumbling sound or unusual popping noises are also indicators that your Las Vegas water heater needs service and repair or possibly replacement and installation of a new unit.